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Welcome to the best personal music chart: Topchart20.

Topchart20 it's a chart with 10 year on road. We analize the best current music and oldies ones.

TopChart has born at the year of 1997. Let's see the History!

Today's Best Music

1997 First chart called: Top 8 at 8
1998 Change the name to Geralista and 10 songs on the countdown
1998 it climb to 12 song on the chart
1999 changes to Gerachart and 15 song on the countdown.
2000 since that year the chart is TopChart20 and 20 songs on the countdown
2001 Website TopChart20 is on the Net
2007 10 years of TopChart!

The music make us to remember, dance and get fun. Everyone likes different kind of music: rock, pop, heave, dance, techno...but all is about Music!

TopChart the Best of the Best


Singer - Song

Weeks on 1st
1997 No Doubt Don't Speak 11
1998 Alanis Morissette Uninvited 7
1999 Shania Twain From this Moment On 5
2001 Madonna Music 6
2001 Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera No body Wants to Be Lonely 5
2002 U2 Electrical Storm 8
2003 Dido White Flag 6
2004 Hoostabank The Reason 8
2005 Mariah Carey We Belong Together 5
2006 James Blunt Beautiful. 7
2007 RIHANNA feat. JAY-Z Umbrella 8
2008 Leona Lewis Better Time 6




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